A course designed to increase your self-esteem through better selfies and self-portraits



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Sophisticated Selfies in a nutshel  –  for those who rapidly want to improve their selfies and selfportraits wether it’s for their business or just for a boost of self-esteem.



How posture affects how you perceive your body and how you can with easy adjustments change that perception to your advantage.


The magic of light and how you can use it.


The camera techniques for the best results.


This is the Aníta, before she started the course


She was not so good in taking selfies


But she learned quickly


and transformed her selfies


during the course


This is the Alex, before the course


She was not bad in taking selfies


Still, she totally


transformed her selfies


during the course


This is the Iris. She had already


taken a selfie course.


She transformed her


selfies almost to a


professional level


This course has done so much for me. I have more confident as an entrepreneur because I now I am delivering online photos that have more quality than before. When I am looking online for a product to buy, maybe from another entrepreneur I look at their pictures. I use what I learned from the course to make a decision if this is someone I would like to have business with.

Aníta G. Gústavsdóttir

A little bit about me

I’m Alma Dögg Jóhannsdóttir or Alma Johanns for short.

Born and raised in Iceland. Living in Switzerland since 1993.

Beside my top education in photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, USA, I have an experience of 25 years in the business. I have photographed hundreds of CEO’s, entrepreneurs and employees.

You can find my portraits on company websites, in catalogues, on book-covers as well as on social media profiles of successful entrepreneurs. You can view my work on my website

Last fall I started with the online programm Sophisticated Selfies which was a great success as you can see on this page. Now I’m working on putting it together in a nutshell for ambitious women and busy entrepreneurs.

Sign up to the waitlist and we will contact you as soon as our door open.

Selfies are absolutely important for my business, my clients want to know who I am and what my life is like. Thanks to Alma’s selfie course, I can now put myself in an even better light, pose professionally and confidently, make myself look 10 kg lighter and shine in the next Christmas dinner photo. I heartily recommend Alma, she is the best photographer in the world for me.

Nathalie Wiederkehr

Ich war total begeistert, dass Alma einen Sophisticated Worksho anbot. Denn ich wollte auf meinen Kanälen auch mal Selfies posten und nicht nur Fotos von einem Fotografen. Mir fehlte die Flexibilität. Ich habe so viel im Workshop gelernt, dass ich mir nun sicher und frei bin, Storytelling mit meinen eigenen Bildern zu machen. Danke liebe Alma fü diesen grandiosen Workshop

Iris Weinmann

In Almas Kurs lernst du gut hinzusehen und die Strukturen hinter dem Foto zu verstehen.
Das Ergebnis sind Fotos, die ich gern zeige. Und, die Feedbacks von Alma sind unbezahlbar.

Renate R. Schmidt

Alma is a great photographer and made an excellent course to teach you how to make Sophisticated Selfies. You really need this course to look great on social media!!

Aafke Dijkstra

Unglaublich was der richtige Winkel und das bessere Licht ausmachen, endlich sehe ich auf dem Foto so aus, wie ich gesehen werden möchte.

Claudia Nichterl

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